Monday, July 5, 2010


I miss your eyes; I miss your smile,
I miss the kiss we’ve never had
but most of all I miss your thoughts,
the ones you just can’t tell me.

Why oh why it’s just the same
the lies, deceit, your hurt, in pain.
But hardest of all, I think it’s true,
I dread the worst I can’t hold you

Could this be some lousy dream?
or will I wake to hear you scream
I know you find it hard to say
The things you think won’t let me stay

I just can't sleep, nor think to eat,
It’s you who gives my heart its beat
you rule my every sleepless night.
So should I run or stay and fight?

To Keep you safe, and fight beside you
Could this be,
the best dream come true

Time will tell, I hope not years
I think I`ll drown in all these tears


  1. Talagang na MISS mo ako!!!
    joke lang po...

  2. comment to sister.. enge ako comment.. xD